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How to avoid paying the ransom; even during a breach

With 83% of ransomware cases now involving data theft to increase leverage, businesses need solutions that will secure their data, even during an attack, to avoid paying the ransom. Join Calamu and special guests from TechWerxe and Axis Group as we explore today’s proactive solutions to combat ransomware.

This session covers:

- How ransomware is evolving in 2022 including a deep dive on data theft and extortion tactics
- How to avoid paying the ransom even during a breach
- How to keep data accessible during an attack

Paul Lewis, CEO & Founder, Calamu


Amelia Foss, Sr. Marketing Manager, Calamu


Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, CEO, TechWerxe

ranjan- circle

Ranjan Sinha, President, Axis Group